Website hosting for Perth businesses

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Westside Media's web hosting infrastructure and systems have been selected for their reliability.

Linux™ operating systems - the same operating architecture used by Google™ to power their 700,000+ search engine web servers, and running the world's #1 web hosting control panel, cPanel™.
Westside Media delivers serious webhosting services for Perth, with uncompromising levels of power and reliability.

Dedicated Server Hosted - Not in a VPS. Many other commercial webhosts use a VPS where there are operational limitations on CPU and RAM resources. Westside Media provides hosting in a true dedicated server environment.

All hosting is located on powerful multiple CPU enterprise class dedicated servers teamed with the latest in SCSI hard disk drives in RAID configuration.

Our hosting really is 'fully dedicated server hosted' where there are serious levels of processing power and resources available for each and every website hosting account. We do not host in VPS's!

Are you local? Many 'Australian' hosting services are actually resellers of technology located in the US or elsewhere overseas. Our webhosting services for Perth are 100% Australian and are located in Australia! Guaranteed.

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