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Link Building services for Perth business websites

Having links to your business website from other real local business websites is a very good thing!

Many of us receive emails from overseas Link Building companies, offering cheap incoming links to help improve PageRank & your website's position in Google results. Some of these agencies employ some dubious practices.

Westside Media believes that the best 'White Hat' Link Building is achieved by sharing links long-term with other real businesses here in Perth. This ensures a high-quality of incoming link, and not 'link farm' PR of the type that Google tried to weed out with their notorious Panda algorithm update.

link building perth

Westside Media operates a "Link Club" exclusive to our web design & search marketing clients. This allows us to create, monitor & maintain quality reciprocal links among our business clients.

We do not wholesale link building, or outsource to unreliable overseas link farm companies that may jeopardise your SEO work.

Ask about joining our Link Club when you sign-up for a Business Website & Marketing package.