Logo design for Perth Businesses

Need a brand image developed for your local business?
Westside Media has helped many Perth businesses with their logo design.

It's our opinion that a great logo should be unique, eye-catching and memorable, as well communicating the essential nature of the business it represents.

There are three key stages in designing a logo for a client. These are 'Concept', where we brainstorm the essential idea behind the logo, 'Design', where the original image or images are rendered as digital artwork, and 'Finishing', where the approved logo design is recreated in a variety of file formats (suitable for both screen & print applications).

Once the logo design is finally approved, the Style Guide is created. This is a useful reference document that tells printers or future designers things like what fonts have been used, and what colour values are employed in the logo design. This is a PDF document that is burned to a CD along with your artwork files. Keep hold of this disc - it's a valuable reference!

We'll work through these stages with you closely, to ensure you end up with a business logo that you can genuinely be proud to have on your website, printed on your business cards and office signage, embroidered on your staff's clothes, emblazoned on the side of your truck, or even on the bottom of your helicopter!

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