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Westside Media - Video editing

Displaying a short video clip on your website is a great way of introducing your services & products to a new site visitor! People love to watch movies and it improves the 'stickiness' of your website.

Google also loves to index video content and often includes video clips as part of the search results. Run a search on Google for "heliportable drilling", and you'll see the clip below, that we produced for WinMax Drilling, at the top of the search results!


You don't have to have your own helicopters to make a great video clip for your website! Images from most good quality digital cameras are now of sufficient resolution for web use, and everyone has a little of the Director in them, waiting to be unleased! You don't need a budget of millions to add some motion to your business website. You might need a little help with the editing.

If you'd like to work with Westside Media, to produce a video clip for your business website, just drop us a line today!