Social Media Marketing Perth

Social media

Worldwide, Facebook has over 500 million users and half of these people log in every day!
Twitter has 75 million users, with about 15 million actively Tweeting at any one time.

The 'average Australian' spends an hour a day on social networking sites,
with Facebook being the most popular hang-out for sharing news & updates.

But is Social Media actually the best place for a small business to spend those precious marketing dollars?

Research suggests that although there is definitely a lot of buzz around advertising on Facebook and social sites, much of the real customer traffic is still coming from Search. It might be worth considering Search and Social as two quite distinct marketing tools, Social working well for increasing brand awareness and Search delivering solid leads to the business website.

So whether you need to develop ad creative for your Facebook campaign, or want to tie your company's Facebook page into your business website so your site visitors see your live posts on your home page - Westside Media can help!