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Website analytics

When you’re operating your website as a key part of your business’s marketing activities, it’s important to know that it’s actually doing the job that is was designed to do.

Far from being a ‘set and forget’ marketing asset, your business website should be constantly evolving to better meet the needs and behaviors of your customers. But how do you know if your website is really working?

Tools like Google Analytics give us the means to track user behavior on a website. We can easily determine, how many people quickly ‘bounce off’ our home page after seeing it, and what pages the site visitors who stay choose to look at.

This analysis is important because together with the performance stats from an AdWords campaign, we can get a clear picture on whether the website is doing its job of converting site visitors into customers, and for which products and services it works best.

Analytics allows us to make informed decisions about how we should make changes to the website in order to improve its performance.